A complete listing of Michigan-Christmas-Lights. Mapped locations of known fee paid and Private Outdoor Christmas Lights and Lighted Outdoor Decorations for Christmas.

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Our Dancing Lights, Michigan, Auburn Hills, Brent Waldrep, private residence

Woodmere Christmas, Michigan, Bay City, Michael Hutchison, private residence

Van Buren Lights, Michigan, Belleville, David Girard, private residence

Christ Lights, Michigan, Byron Center, Ryan Strayhorn, private residence

Coldwater Lights, Michigan, Coldwater, Patrick Chartrand, private residence

Ziola Christmas, Michigan, Corruna, Ziola Family, private residence

Christmas, Michigan, Holland, David Prins, private residence

Krazy Christmas, Michigan, Garden City, Joe Engles, private residence

Jackson Christmas, Michigan, Jackson, Alan Christensen, private residence

Andy's Crazy Christmas, Michigan, Livonia, Andy McLean, private residence

Bazillion Lights, Michigan, Livonia, Gary Slater, private residence

Livonia Lights, Michigan, Livonia, Timothy Howse, private residence

Hearn's Christmas, Michigan, Malcomb, Christopher Hearns, private residence

G H M Software, Michigan, Spring Lake, Brad Boyink, private residence

Pete's Lights, Michigan, Traverse City, Peter, private residence

Mike & Margaret, Michigan, Troy, Michael Downes, private residence

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