This Outdoor-ChristmasTree1 is easy to make in less than one hour. These lighted Outdoor decorations can be duplicated to fill in any themed area. I use them in my winter scene, make them out of white fabric and put blue as well as white lights underneath.
These Christmas yard decorations have great versatility. They can be made for any color fabric and that fabric color brightened by adding the same color light or white lights can be added for a more subtle color.

Christmas Outdoor Decorations
Christmas Outdoor Decorations
The parts are readily available in any local hardware store which makes them easy to replace should any piece break. They go up quickly and fold down flat for easy storage.

The electrical connections can be hide under the costume to help protect them from water and the winter elements.

Materials for your Outdoor-ChristmasTree1 Decoration

1 yard fabric (your chose of color) best fabric is cotton/polly. Hold fabric up to light in store and if you can readily see the light through it, the fabric should work.

60 inches for #8 wire

White Duck tape

After you have created the pattern.for your Outdoor-ChristmasTree1.

After you have cut your four pieces of fabric, sew all four pieces, their right sides together, then sew the raw edges together zig zag stitch. It will form a cone when held up.
Christmas Outdoor Decorations
Christmas Outdoor Decorations
After you have sewn your pieces together, You need to form a pocket to put your wire in the bottom of your tree. First fold the bottom edge up a quarter of an inch then fold it up again another full inch. Then sew all the way around the bottom and leave a four inch opening to put you wire in.
Next make the tie downs. Cut a 20" long strip of fabric 1 1/2 inches wide. Fold in both sides 1/4 inch and then fold on top of each other and stitch

Christmas Outdoor Decorations
Christmas Outdoor Decorations
Make a loop of each 5 inch pieces and pin on either side of each seam.
Sew each loop in place, just above the sewing line for the cassing.
Christmas Outdoor Decorations
Christmas Outdoor Decorations
Add wire to bottom casing by pushing wire through entire casing until it reaches the other side. Push fabric until wire is taught and over laps by about 2 inches. Tape each end of the wire with white duck tape. Sew casing together. Making the pattern. Making the Light stand for the Outdoor-ChristmasTree1 and place in yard.

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