SnowmanThe word costume is used to describe the body types for this Snowman and other yard decorations. These instruction are for a large (man or women) or small (children0. The Snowman with the stove pipe hats are more of an intermediate craft while the women and children with stocking type hats can be done by a beginner seamstress.


Basic- pattern-1 Fabric color depends on costume. The large size will take approximately 4 yards, the smaller size a little less. Suggested fabric would be a cotton polyester mix usually about $1.50 to 2.95 per yard. Double knit fabric is also good but make sure you can see light through it or it will not illuminate.

COLOR : black eyes and mouth, orange nose( carrot) The best fabric is the same as the body or felt can be used for eyes, mouth.

About 1/4 yard very stiff interfacing (for cap brim)

A piece of 8 to 10 gauge wire to fit the bottom of the costume, and to make the curved areas of the body approximately 50 inches.

Five feet 1 inch PVC pipe,

One 3” toilet flange, one 3” to 1 ½ inch bushing and one 1 ½ to 1 inch bushing. All plumbing connections.

One male adapter, one female adapter, one “T” and three end caps all for the 1 inch PVC

One box 100 count outside mini lights.

Four metal tent stakes and four metal garden stakes.


Fabric comes in standard sizes…usually 45 inch width or 60 inch widths…some more some less but most 45 or 60.

For a 5 foot Snowman using the measurement above

you will need 4 yards of fabric 45 inches wide for body, ½ yard for hat.

you will need 2 yards of fabric 54 inches or greater for body and ½ yard for hat

For a 3 foot costume using the measurement above

you will need 3 yards of fabric 45 inches wide for body, ½ yard for hat.

you will need 2 yards of fabric 54 inches or greater for body and ½ yard for hat


Every outside costume is made from this basic body pattern. Then the faces hats or heads and colors are changed to create new figures. Basic-Body-1 is the base body for this costume and other figures, if you have already made Basic-Body-1, trace it onto another piece of paper without the seam allowances. And go to MAKING THE SNOWMAN SHAPE.

To make a pattern determine the height of your body. This example will use a 5 foot total height.

Use a piece of paper at least as long as the height of your body determine the center of the paper at the top. Center -Draw a 6 and ½ inches line. That means put your 3 ¼ mark on the ruler on the center mark on your paper. Draw from the beginning to 6 ½ inches. That’s the top of your head.

Measure 4 feet down in the center of the paper…making sure to get the line straight. Use a “T” square if necessary. Then at the end of that line draw a line that is 2.5% times greater than the top of the head line or 16 ¼ inches. That is 8 and 1/8 inches on one side of the middle and 8 and 1/8 inches on the other side of the middle.

Draw a line from the outer edge of the top line to the outer edge of the bottom line on both sides. You now have a Poly Gram or flat topped triangle.

Add 3 inches to the bottom and draw another straight line. Draw a line straight down from the first bottom line to the second bottom line. See the diagram. Do not angle the line from the bottom to the end of the 3” margin at the bottom, make the sides straight down


Draw line to divide this pattern in half the divide the upper half in thirds, horizontally. Draw a line to divide this top half in half vertically.

Using 3 different circle sizes or the pencil string method you are going to add the ball like features to the snowman.

Draw a line to divide each third in half. On the horizontal half line put a dot 2 inches out from the edge of the pattern. Place the tip of your pencil with the string on it at that outer dot and the end of the string on the center where the horizontal line meets the vertical line in the top third. Draw a small circle downward to touch the outside line of the body and then upward touching the outside line of the body. Repeat for the other two thirds. Repeat on opposite side. You should now have the snowman pattern. Add the ½ or 5/8 seam allowances. In white fabric cut out four pieces.

The line drawn to assist in making the curve outward will be your guide line for the wire pockets.


Cut strips 2 inches wide out of the fabric remnants left ( after cutting out body) into long strips. Turn and press ½ on each long side. These are going to be used as pockets for the body wires. These pockets will help hold the shape of the snowman.

Measure each strip across each line and cut to length. Turn each end piece toward wrong side, press and sew end down. Then pin each piece back down to body piece centering on the line you drew.

If you are not good at judging about a ½ up from the line on the fabric then draw another line ½ inch up from the line and place the edge of the strip on that line. On the face the nose has to be place in the center so only add two short strips to each side. The remaining three head place add a full strip. Sew each strip in place on both long sides close to the edge…do not sew the ends shut.These will be a pocket for each bulge in the body (3).


Trace a quarter sized circle on a piece of paper. Then trace a nickel size circle on a piece of paper. In black, cut out two of the quarter sized circles; these are the eyes. In black cut out 5 of the nickel sized circles; these are the coal mouth.

On one of the four body pieces, position the eyes about two inches down from the top and the mouth under that leaving space for the nose. Zig Zag in place.

Draw a triangle with 3 inch sides and two inch bottom. In orange, cut out two of the 3” triangles; this is the nose. With wrong side together, sew up the 3” sides of the triangle. Turn right side out and turn up open end ¼ inch to the inside and baste; stuff with plastic bag. Position the nose in the center of the face Slip stitch the nose in place.


Now assemble the body by sewing the two side pieces onto the face piece and then the back piece onto the two side pieces. Use a serger to finish the edges or zig zag all raw edges together.

Turn bottom of this body up ½ inch and press with iron. Then turn the edge up 1 inch again and press and sew. Leave about 3 inches open (don’t sew) in the middle of the back piece. This makes a pocket for the wire that will hold the form of your body.


Draw a 2 inch by 5 inch rectangle and cut out 4 pieces of body fabric. These will be your tabs to secure the costume to the ground.

Fold the long ends of your tabs to meet at the middle and press, then fold in half and press. Sew together.

Fold each tab in half and place on the inside or wrong side of costume at each seam. Sew on top of the stitching and sew securely in place. I sew across this 3 to four times to make sure it will stay. These will take a lot of abuse outside, so if you want your costume to last, make it secure. Take care not to sew the pocket closed.

THE CROWN for the top hat

The hat will attach to the top so you need to take the top measurement times 4. 6 ½ X 4 = 26 inches. Draw a rectangle the measures 8 inches wide and 26 inches long or draw a rectangle the measures 8 inches wide and 13 inches long and mark one end of the 8 inch side of the 13 inch length “PLACE ON FOLD”. This short rectangular piece will need to be cut with one of the 8 inch side on the fold so ultimately you are cutting out a 26 in long piece.


This is the same brim made for the witches costume. If you have already made a pattern skip down to To make the brim for the hat you will need to trace around a circle the measures 14 inches across. If you don’t have something that big take a piece of string tie it to a pencil and measure 7 inches of string. Mark the string at 7 inches. Place a dot on your paper. Placing your finger tightly down on the dot at the end of the string and holding the pencil vertically, draw around to form a circle. Your circle should measure 14 inches across.

Add a seam allowance to the outside of that circle…1/2 inch or 5/8 inch. Using a ruler mark away from the circle ½ inch ( or 5/8) all the way around and free hand the outer circle or add 2 time the seam allowance to the “pencil string”, place you finger down tightly on the same center dot and draw around as before.

EXAMPLE: ½ seam allowance is a 8 inch string for the second circle.

You now need to cut away the center of this brim so you will be able to add the crown to your hat (the tall part). Using the string at 4 1/8 inches long, draw the inside circle. Shorter the 3 5/8 and draw again. Cut away the inside circle.

To make the top to the top hat, use the string method to draw and circle 8 ¼ inches across, then add the seam allowance. Cut two.

Cut one brim of interfacing. On the inside circle cut away ¾ of interfacing. Place interfacing on wrong side of brim fabric, baste I place, Put other piece of brim wrong sides together and sew around the outside. Trim edges closely. Turn and press. Baste the indie circle together.

Sew the short side of the crown with wrong sides together and zig zag or serge seam.

Divide the inside circle of the brim in four equal parts. Divide the crown in four equal parts. Pin the crown each of the four parts with wrong sides together and then “fit” into each section. Sew.

Then with the same divisions, pin the hat with wrong side together onto the top of the head of the costume and sew.

Turn costume to the wrong side.

Divide the top of the hat into four equal parts, the crown into four equal parts, “fit” together and sew

The top is where the pole for the costume will rest so you will want it very stiff. I cut a circle out of coraplas (plastic cardboard) but a circle of wood (thin) or a couple of bottoms of a one pound coffee can (metal) or several of the plastic tops of the same coffee can glued together; the top of the hat need to be very stiff.

The circle of stiffness needs to be slightly smaller than the circle cut out for the top. With the pencil string draw an 8 inch diameter circle with no seam allowance, cut one.

Now divide the top into four equal sections and the crown into four equal sections. With right sides together (the costume will be inside out) pin the four sections together and then fit the top into the crown, sew.

Turn under the seam allowance on the remaining fabric top(1/2 inch or 5/8 inch). Push the sewn seam on the top toward the middle of the top. Place the stiff circle on the top and then place and pin the remaining circle on top of that. Slip stitch securely in place.


Adding the wire for the shape in the last step for making the costume.

Turn the body of the costume wrong side out exposing the smallest bulge at the top. Insert a piece to wire in the pocket working it around until it meets its self and the body is filled out. Overlap the wire by 2 inches on each side. Cut. With duck tape the same color as your body wrap from 2 inch ends that overlap making sure you cover the cut ends of the wire.

Repeat this on each bulge and at the bottom of the costume. At the bottom close the pocket open by slip stitching or on the machine.


The female adult hat is the “flopped” hat for the witch. SEE FLOPPED HAT. This flopped out type of hat is used for the ghosts, Mrs snowman and Santa. Cut two of the hat.

With wrong side of fabric together, pin and sew then zig zag the seam edges.

Divide the hat in four pieces by placing pins at the four sections. Divide the snowman top in four pieces, then match the hat section with wrong side together on the body of the snowman.

The “flopped tip” needs to be placed on the side of the snowman. Take care not to sew the “flop” pointing to the front of the snowman but to the side of the snowman.


The only difference between the smaller snowman and the adult one is the size and the change in hat ware.

Use directions to make the body pattern as above but change:

the height 2 ½ feet. The top will be 5 ¾ inches The bottom will be 12 inches.

Change top hat dimensions to:

Crown 7 inches Brim outer diameter will be 12” without seam allowance Brim inner diameter will be 7 ¼ inches without seam allowance Top will be 7 ½ diameter.


The adult male and child make can both have top hats.The children and Adult female can have stocking caps with flopped points or round caps.

For rounded stocking caps, use the brim for the childs top hat. Cut one. Add a pre-made ball to accent the center or make your own.

Add center accent to hat(fuzz ball or anything or nothing at all).Baste around the outside edge of the circle. Divide the circle in four equal parts then gather the edges. Match the four equal parts with the seams on the top of the body adjusting the gathers to be equal all the way around.

Sew and zig zag.


The final accent would be a scarf.For adults cut a 10 inch wide piece of material three yards long. This can be several pieces 10 inches wide that when sewn are approximately 3 yards long.

For children cut a 5 inch wide piece of material 2 yards long. This can be several pieces 10 inches wide that when sewn are approximately 2 yards long

Fold wrong sides together and sew on three sides. Turn. Turn in the seam at raw edge and sew together.

Tie around snowman.


Many variations of lace accents can to added as brims for the hats or adornments to the top or as fringes to the scarves...This is where your imagination and personality take over to personalize your creations.


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