The word costume is used to describe the different body types for this Witch-Costume and the other yard decorations.

This Witch is constructed using the basic-pattern-1 and adding the facials features and hat desired.

MATERIALS-SUPPLIES for the Witch-Costume

Fabric color for most Witches is black, but this depends on you. Suggested fabric would be a cotton polyester mix usually about $1.50 to 2.95 per yard. Double knit fabric is also good. It is not necessary that light illuminate through the black fabric, just the face. The witch costumes shown here were the first I made and the face did not illuminate. We light from inside the pot.

Fabric for the Witch-Costume face, remnant, usually 1/8 yard and miscellaneous colors for eyes mouth etc. The best fabric is the same as the body or felt can be used for eyes, mouth and nose…not for the face.

About 1/4 yard very stiff interfacing (for cap brim)

A piece of 8 to 10 gauge wire to fit the bottom and top of the costume, approximately 30 to 34 inches.

Five feet 1 inch PVC pipe One 3” toilet flange, one 3” to 1 ½ inch bushing and one 1 ½ to 1 inch bushing. All plumbing connections.

One male adapter, one female adapter, one “T” and three end caps all for the 1 inch PVC

One box 50 count outside mini lights.

Four metal tent stakes and four metal garden stakes.


What are YOUR favorite WITCH(es)?

Add your made, purchased, costume or decoration (s) with pictures if you have them! or Just look at what other people like.

FABRIC for the Witch-Costume:

Fabric comes in standard sizes…usually 45 inch width or 60 inch widths…some more some less but most 45 or 60.

For a 5 foot costume using the measurements in the basic-pattern-1

you will need 4 yards of fabric 45 inches wide

you will nee d 3 yards of fabric 54 inches or greater


These Witch-Costumes have ere green faces and can be doing just about anything from just standing there with a broom or stirring a BUBBLING, BOILING WITCHES POT. Beginners craft Make the basic-pattern-1 and add the following to create the face, hat and optional arms

NOW MAKE THE Witch-Costume BRIM for HAT

To make the brim for the hat you will need to trace around a circle the measures 14 inches across. If you don’t have something that big take a piece of string tie it to a pencil and measure 7 inches of string. Mark the string at 7 inches. Place a dot on your paper. Placing your finger tightly down on the dot at the end of the string and holding the pencil vertically, draw around to form a circle. Your circle should measure 14 inches across.

Add a seam allowance to the outside of that circle…1/2 inch or 5/8 inch. Using a ruler mark away from the circle ½ inch ( or 5/8) all the way around and free hand the outer circle or add 2 time the seam allowance to the “pencil string”, place you finger down tightly on the same center dot and draw around as before.

EXAMPLE: ½ seam allowance is a 8 inch string for the second circle.

You now need to cut away the center of this brim so you will be able to add the crown to your hat (the pointed part). Using the string at 4 1/8 inches long, draw the inside circle. Shorter the 3 5/8 and draw again. Cut away the inside circle.

The edge of the triangle that will attach to the brim needs to be 26” around to be long enough to attached to the brim and body. Draw a 13 inch line. Divide the line in half. Starting at the center of the line, draw a straight line 12 inches long forming a “T”. Then draw a line from the end of the 12 inches to meet one side of the 13”. Draw the other side to meet the other side of the 13”. You have a triangle and a pointed hat. Add ½ inch (5/8) seam allowance to the two side just drawn and ¾ inch seam allowance to the 13 inch side. You will cut two of these You can round off the point a little to make it sew easier if you like.

TIME TO MAKE A DECISION about the hat for the Witch-Costume

Do you want a pointed hat or do you want a pointed hat that has flopped over a bit for your Witch-Costume? My witches have hats with the points flopped over. This flopped out type of hat is used for the ghosts, and Santa.

A pointed hat is just a triangle and flopped over point is two triangles. If you wanted a pointed had skip down to TABS

MAKING IT FLOP: used for ghosts,Santa and Witch-Costume

Without marking your seam allowances on the above triangle, at the point of the hat measure about 5 inch down and place a point then at the point draw at about a 45 degree angle outward and downward about 4 inches out, then another line back in to meet the dot. Round the points and connection to the hat. See illustrations. Draw all your seam allowances as outline on the pointed hat.

TABS for the Witch-Costume

On the pattern paper, draw a 2 inch by 5 inch rectangle and cut out 4 pieces of body fabric. These will be your tabs to secure the costume to the ground.

Place all body and hat pieces on the selected fabric and cut out.

THE FACE for the Witch-Costume

Everything is done except the face. The face is an oval cut in half or a triangle with a very round point. Draw a line 6 inches long, make dot in the middle and draw a line 8 inches long forming a “T”. Draw a line from the top of the 8 inch length to the end of the 6 inch side, then to the other 6 inch side…a triangle. Round the tip of the triangle forming the chin. Use the top of a lid as a form if necessary.

Now make the facial features for the Witch-Costume.

Illustrations and diagrams are available by purchasing the witch instructions available in SHOP My witches have half eyes, yellow centers and red pupils, the nose is crooked complete with wart and the mouth is smiling with craggy teeth. Pick the facial expression you like from the and draw them on paper. Then cut out your patterns in the colors or fabric you have chosen.

Divide your face in half vertically and horizontally, make finger press creases so you will be able to see the lines. Place the eyes just above center the nose in the middle and the mouth centered under that. If you are going to have a protruding nose, set aside. Sew with a close zig sag stitch around each piece. Or if you want you can glue each in place or use paper back fusible interfacing. It is important not to let the fabric you have chosen fray too much. Zig zag around twice if you feel the fabric has frayed away from the sewing or if the fabric is a loose weave type. REMEMBER; these will be outside in the wind and rain. Nothing destroys your work faster than a bad wind storm if you have not secured every nook and cranny down well.

PROTRUDING NOSE for the Witch-Costume

If you have chosen a nose that will protrude sew the two pieces together and stuff with plastic bag. Don’t stuff with cotton/polyester stuffing or cloth. These will absorb moisture and weight your face down. Turn the edges up ¼ where the nose will meet the face and slip stitch onto the face twice.

Now put the top edge of the face on the top edge of one of the four body sections. The top of the face should be slightly smaller than the top edge of the body pattern. The face should not go over into the seam allowances. Pin in place and zig zag again around the face (or glue and let dry). Do NOT use fusible webbing to secure the entire face. Then turn your fabric to the wrong side and cut away the fabric 1/8 inch from the zig zag or glue that is behind the face. Zig Zag on the wrong side again or glue edges down securely. This creates a face that will illuminate when lit.

If you want pose able arms and hands see arms before proceeding.

ASSEMBLE THE BODY of the Witch-Costume

Now assemble the body by sewing the two side pieces onto the face body piece and then the back piece onto the two side pieces. Use a serger to finish the edges or zig zag all raw edges together. If necessary, zig zag the edges twice. Remember the wind. The seams must be very secure.

Turn bottom of this body up ½ inch and press with iron. Then turn the edge up 1 inch again and press and sew. Leave about 3 inches open (don’t sew) in the middle of the back piece. This makes a pocket for the wire that will hold the form of your body.

Fold the long ends of your tabs to meet at the middle and press, then fold in half and press. Sew together.

Fold each tab in half and place on the inside or wrong side of costume at each seam just above the pocket or hem stitching.. Sew on top of the pocket or hem stitching and sew securely in place. I sew across this 3 to four times to make sure it will stay. These will take a lot of abuse outside, so if you want your costume to last, make it secure.

Hat for the Witch-Costume

Cut one brim of interfacing. On the inside circle cut away ¾ inch of interfacing all the way around. Place interfacing on wrong side of brim fabric, baste in place, Put the other piece of brim on the interfaced brim, wrong sides together, and sew around the outside. Trim edges closely. Turn and press. Baste the inside circle together

With wrong side together sew the crown together on the short side, zig zag the seam together.

Divide the bottom of the crown, (doesn’t matter which side, pick one) in four equal parts.

Divide the inside circle of the brim in four equal parts.

Pin the crown to the inside circle of the brim and “fit” the crown and brim together, sew, REMEMBER : there is a 1 inch seam allowance here. ZIG ZAG TOGETHER.

Then divide the inside circle the brim/crown into four equal pieces again.

The hat was made in two pieces and if you have a “flopped hat” then the “flopped tip” needs to be place on the side of the witch or the back of the witch. Take care not to sew so “flop” it is pointing to the front of the witch.

Taking care to place the crown on the costume correctly, (illustrations show this), pin the four equal parts of the body and the four equal parts of the brim together, fit and then sew on the one inch seam line.

Now cut away the brim seam that has been sandwiched in between the body fabric and the crown fabric. Leaving only the body fabric and the crown fabric and sew the zig zag or serge the edges of this 1 inch seam leaving about 3 inches open in the back for the wire. It does not hurt the zig zag twice. Usually serging can be done once.

ADDING HAIR for the Witch-Costume

Adding hair is optional. Use any color synthetic yarn. I used orange and added in some yellow and green if various places. Decide what length you want your hair. Wind the yarn around something that is at least the length of the hair. Remove and stitch or slip stitch just under the hat. When secure on the costume cut the hair at the bottom.

ARMS for the Witch-Costume (optional)

Another Decision. My arms were long and slender with green hands. Arms can also look like a trumpet sleeve.

An arm is a tube whether a tube that trumpets at the end or is straight at the end. A hand with fingers looks like a glove. To make long slender arms cut a rectangular piece of cloth double the width of the arm. Example: a 5 inch width is going to look a 2 inch arm when you sew it together. The arm length is going to be approximately 2/3 the height of the body. 4 foot body is a 2 foot arm length that has seam turned ends already accomodated. This can be lengthened or shortened depending on the effect you want. Turn under ½ inch one each end of the short side of the arm. Sew length wise to make a tube.

To make hand and fingers, trace around your own hand with your fingers and thumb wide apart. Add a ¼ seam allowance all the way around and cut a long 5 to 6 inch piece for the wrist and arm area.

With wrong side together, sew up the arm and around the fingers twice. Using a small zig zag, stitch again, cut the area between the fingers slightly and turn to the right side. You can stuff the fingers with plastic bag or leave as they are. Turn wrist area up ½ inch twice and sew. Put the wrist area of the hand up one side( with the thumb up) on the sleeve (with seam down) and sew up the end Then position the arm about 1/3 down from the seam at the top in the middle of the side piece and slip stitch to side.

To make a trumpeted sleeve, cut a triangular piece. See illustrations, the same length as above. Turn under ½ inch one each end of the short side of the arm. Sew length wise to make a tube. Follow the directions above for making a hand. To attach, put hand inside of sleeve at top of trumpet (with sleeve seam down and thumb up) and sew up the trumpet to sew hand to sleeve. Then position the arm about 1/3 down from the top of the body in the middle of the side piece and stitch to the side (flat)

To make these arms and hands work you will need to attach then to a long stick (stirring a pot or a broom). Slip stitch the fingers around the stick so it looks like the witch is holding it. Everything Sinister - Where Dark Art, Horror and Halloween Collide! WIRE for the Witch-Costume

Put wire into one side of the pocket in the top of the witch, hat area. Move it through the pocket until it pops out the other side. Overlap the wire about 2 inches. Tape the entire 2 inch section the duct tape making sure to cover the ends of the wire securely with the tape. I use a white tape color.

Insert a wire in the bottom of the witch the same as above.

All this is left for this Witch-Costume is

stand for the Witch-Costume

Finish off your witch scene with Cauldrons or skulls.


1. Purchase a hooded adult or child's costume for any outdoor decoration you want to create.

(For the witch costume purchase a grim reaper [black hooded] costume of your choosing. Child's costume for a short witch, teen costume for a medium witch or Adult costume for a large/tall witch.)

2. purchase a mask or make (using face/head instructions) a face and a hat for your outdoor decoration.

3. Glue the face/mask to the edges to the hood.

4. Close the bottom portion of the hood around the face, slip stitch or glue entire hood close.

5. Cut a hole in the top of the head large enough to permit the light pole to go through.

6. Glue or slip stitch the witch hat to the top of the hood.

7. Add hands to sleeve just like instructions above.

8. If the bottom is straight on the costume, turn up the bottom 1 inch, glue or slip stitch together, leaving 3 inch open (just like instructions above) OR if bottom is jagged, all a 1 inch pocket around the straightest part for the wire pocket.

9. attach the staking loops (just like instruction above) 10. Insert wire.

11. Measure the costume for height to make light stand.

12. Install just like witch costume above.

For more Halloween yard decorations go to: Halloween countdown banner

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