Christmas Stocking Party

by Publisher Michelle From

Idea for Christmas party

This is a quick and simple quirky Christmas Party Theme for all those who have birthdays near or at Christmas time. It's an idea that all ages will enjoy even your teenagers may really like this one.

Quite simply they have to wear Christmas stockings, anything will do and the more festive and creative the better. It’s a little bit of Christmas silliness that will get them all talking about the party and the ideas they have for their own particular Christmas stocking creation!

Stockings can be....

• Simple long stripy stockings in bright colors

• Decorated stockings with tinsel and baubles

• Christmas Themed stocking – Christmas Tree, Snow Man, Fairy...

• Boys might like to take a more hobby and interest based theme, to make them feel more comfortable lets, let them be and see if they can come up with a Christmas stocking based on their subject choice.

Believe me once you start thinking about this the creative ideas will really flow.

For an incentive offer a prize to the best Christmas Stocking!

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