by Jim
(Louisiana, MO, USA)

Court Yard

Court Yard

Several years ago Franny and her daughter were decorating the front of their apartment for Halloween and Sonny and I thought it was a good idea so we started helping and it has grown from there.

front entrance

Thomas Apartment, front entrance.

A lot of us pitch in now buying a few things each year. The residents here are really started doing this for their Grand Kids but now all the neighborhood kids stop by and we have the reputation of being the best place in town. We really love it and if you like this you ought to see what we do for Christmas.

Jim and stone

Me, in front of my headstone

Each of of go through several large bowls of candy probably about 3-10 lbs bags each person.

back graveyard

graveyard in back

headstone dates

individual headstone with dates

Franny did the seated ghoul and some of us put our names on the headstones in the back with dates. That's me laying in front of mine. LOL

blow up headstone

Franny's Ghoul.

blow up headstone

detail of blow up headstone

Webmaster Note: I spoke with Jim and Sonny and although they enjoy giving out candy they are on limited incomes and will accept donations of wrapped candy. If you are in the Louisiana, MO area just drop off the candy anytime.

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