Mia's Halloween Witch Hat

by Maria Jane
(Wiltshire, Uk)

I have been making crafts for over 20 years and love making things. My daughter just loved being a witch at Halloween so I designed an easy Halloween hat that she could make herself.

We live in the UK and I know it is thought that we don't celebrate Halloween. We have had Halloween parties and go out trick or treating for over 20 years. If you walk through our village on Halloween night you will meet lots of ghosts and witches. The parents join in too and dress up along with the kids.

Mia’s Halloween witch hat has easy to follow instructions and a free down loadable template. Visit Mia's Craft Ideas our Halloween craft ideas are lots of fun to make, keep the kids occupied and save money. This is a very simple Halloween witch hat with a circle for the brim and a cone for the body of the hat.

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