My Christmas star

The first year my hubby and I were married, I proudly made our Christmas decorations from garden foliage, including a traditional wreath for the door.

I knew by his face that he hated it when I showed him but I couldn't work out why! He LOVED my inside decorations for Christmas. Finally I got it out of him. In his family it is tradition at Christmas to take a wreath to lay on his grandparents grave so to him they were not a door decoration! Hmm, well firstly I gave him the wreath to take up to the church instead of a bought one so that solved that problem but I still wanted something for my door!

I came up with the idea of a Christmas star and I have made one every year since. I take the branches cut off from the bottom of the Christmas tree and make three the same length and one longer for the tail of the star. I then push them into an oasis foam block and fill in the middle with smaller branches, holly, ivy and Christmas baubles. We then hang it with string on the back door where all our visitors arrive.

It would be easier to see with a picture. I'll try and take one when it's light and send it in to you, great site!

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