My Clothespin Doll Ornaments

by Lorelie Carvey
(Connecticut U.S.A.)

Lorelie's Lovely's

Lorelie's Lovely's

My clothespin doll ornaments are so cute. I have been making them for many years. I still have the original ballerina ones that were made in the 1970's.

I make these ornaments for all kinds of gifts. I have made them for other reasons besides Christmas decorations though. I make wedding cakes for a living and so have incorporated them into the wedding theme as favors and cake toppers.

Besides cakes I also do occasional parties and teach bellydancing classes, so have used these as projects for the kids in dance camp and as gifts to my bellydance students. The doll pictured above is actually one of the bellydancer clothespin dolls, and she looks gorgeous on the Christmas tree with lights all around her.

There are countless ways to decorate and make these clothespin doll Christmas decorations. As an example one of my friends requested a "bag lady" to give to her sister as a gift after seeing a play in NYC. (I think it was Grey Gardens.)

Hope you like my Clothespin Doll Christmas Ornaments :-)

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