My wonderful cowboy

by Jenny
(Rushden, UK)

Many moons ago now, when I was just a girl; Christmas was looming at a rapid rate of knots.

I can only of been about 5, so really getting into the spirit of christmas, and probably a little unbearable! Anyway, to spend some quality time with my Dad, was always precious and this one weekend before Christmas we did exactly that.

The end result - my wonderful cowboy.

He has the huge stetson, slacks way to big for his body, gun in holster and the biggest mexican moustache you ever did see! (But then Dad sports a tasche too, so it just reminds me of him)

He's predominently made from card, like from a cereal box, and has cork between his layers giving him an awesome profile.

You know what I love him to bits; and it's my Dad that every year, ensures that this Christmas Tree token is placed on the family tree. I think it's as special to him as it is to me.... Gosh I've just thought - he's got to be fast approaching 30 years old, and still looks as good as the day we made him.

Sorry I have no photo - but you've reminded me, I really must take one :)

Wishing you yuletide felicitations


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