NY-Spooky Ghosts

by Carol M Edwards
(Ticonderoga, NY)

Hand made Ghost Decorations

Hand made Ghost Decorations

My daughter Kennice and I made these great ghosts from white garbage bags. They are an easy craft for small kids to help out with.

You will need:
white garbage bags
twist ties or cord
long dowels - one for each ghost
black spray paint
black permanent magic marker

Note: You can also use white grocery bags however they tend to be transparent. Use several layers.

Spray the dowels black (or you can paint them w/ a acrylic paint). Let dry.

Cut 8" squares from the white garbage bags. Lay the square on the table. Lay the end of the dowel on the square so the end rests in the middle. Crumple up a newspaper into a small ball. Place this in the middle of the square. Gather the plastic around the base of the newspaper ball and dowel and wrap with the twist tie.

Using the permanent marker, make eyes and mouth.

Take the ghosts outside and push the dowel into the ground. You can also use them in potted plants.

Carol from Kids activities learning games

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