Out-house Toilet Flushing Sound Scares Kids.

by Charles

Ok, so one of the scariest things for me as a kid was flushing the toilet that was out in the back yard, in the dark and REALLY loud. It was the most horrible of noises. Me, being the oldest boy of my brothers and sisters, would have to be the 'toughest' and not run from the sound of the scary toilet flushing. Us kids would all stand out the back together, in the dark and 'support' each other, still lined up for our compulsory toilet-before-bed routine. The worst prank that we could play on one of the other kids, was to leave them sitting there, with nobody waiting for them to open the toilet door, flush the toilet and then bolt back to the house with them. Sometimes we'd play that joke and find that in the morning, there's the still-unflushed toilet, it was that scary to us.

Brendan, prank-monkey-jokes.com -edit out

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